MIssions ministries (BUILD)

  • Bereavement Ministry

    Bereavement Ministry - To act as a Liaison for families as they experience lost. Helps coordinate funeral and repasts arrangements.

  • Care Team

    Care Team - supports those making life's major transitions, i.e. divorce, death, childbirth, etc. Also calls first time attendees and regular attendees on an on-going basis plan and purpose for their lives utilizing their spiritual gifts at Saint Mark.

  • Entrepreneur Ministry

    Entrepreneur Ministry - provides a forum for empowering small business owners and managers in sound ethical biblical decision making. Helps to support persons through prayer, mixers and other special events.

  • Legal Service

    Legal Service – provides professional legal assistance for those with legal needs.

  • Missions Team

    Missions Team - seek, develop, plan and coordinate short-term mission projects for church wide efforts to provide food, clothing and other assistance for persons in need.

  • Prison Ministry

    Prison Ministry – visits local prisons, encouraging, witnessing, teaching, and offering support to incarcerated persons and their families.

  • Political & Social Action Ministry

    Political & Social Action Ministry - Acts as an Advocate and source of information on issues concerning Social and Political debate.

  • Real Estate Ministry

    Real Estate Ministry – provides professional real estate assistance and education through special programs, seminars and events.

  • Recovery Ministry

    Recovery Ministry - provides support groups and encouragement for people overcoming addiction.

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